Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning & Repair Specialists in Jacksonville FL

Are your present carpets lacking that new luster, look? Carpets, when first installed can just make the room, creating a dynamic impression and add beauty and value to your home. Maybe you chose expensive floor coverings that you thought would look new for years, be resistant to stains and wear-well over time even in high traffic areas. But now you have recently noticing that what was once a beautiful addition to your home, is looking soiled, dingy and a distraction from the other furnishing you have staged in those rooms. Have you been thinking about replacing your carpet(s) because of unsightly stains, pet damage or even odors emanating from certain areas?

Professionally installed carpet usually represents a sizeable investment in any house or condo, and if properly maintained should last for years. On the other hand, carpets that are not routinely professionally cleaned, (most manufacturers recommended cleaning a minimum of once a year) are at risk of wearing out before their life expectancy. Frequent vacuuming with even the best machines only removes a low percentage of dirt, dust, allergens, and particles that may include pet dander and dust mites that get deposited within your carpet’s fibers. So, what happens to the other large percentage of “stuff” that remains in your carpets that your vacuum cleaner can’t remove? In almost all cases, dirty and filthy particles remain in your carpet until a professional carpet cleaning company is hired to remove them. Now there are those do-it-yourself (DIY) carpet cleaning rental machines available or maybe you have invested in your own carpet cleaning system from one of those “Big Box" stores. Big mistake.

These types of carpet cleaning systems are not commercial grade, high pressure steam cleaners and cannot perform like the ones professionals carpet cleaners have invested in. But how do you choose the right company to come out to your home and clean and rejuvenate your carpets? Hopefully you know that not all carpet cleaning companies are the same in providing value and effectiveness.

So, what separates one carpet cleaning company from another besides price and you can’t even count on that, with all the “bait and switch pricing” that goes on in this industry. First you need to exam the prospective carpet cleaning company’s customer reviews. What customers say about a company is usually very revealing about their products, service, value and performance. But not all reviews tell the complete story about the services a company like C&C Carpet Care provides. If you are looking for the best value in evaluating, cleaning, spot and stain removal, elimination of pet odors and applying protective sealant, you have come to the right place. C&C Carpet Care, the home of the “no bait and switch pricing” can thoroughly clean and maintain your carpets beauty, function and durability others just promise to accomplish.

What makes our unique services different is the time and care we put into every carpet cleaning job we acquire and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. There are many ways to clean a carpet and we have listed below our services to give you the best product money can buy at a price you can afford.


Any honest carpet cleaning company will provide its customers with up-front-prices based either on the number of rooms/zones or the square footage that needs to be cleaned. Unfortunately, some carpet cleaning companies in North Florida attract potential clients with a base price, which only includes steam cleaning the carpet, not removing stains, odors and adding protective sealant. These additional services are essential for the carpet to remain clean and soil free but are added on to the initial price of the job. That is never the case at C&C Carpet Care. We include all of our carpet cleaning services in the price we quote, so you can remain confident in the knowledge that we will never add-on a service that you need, but didn’t include it in our original price.

Cleaning and Carpet Repair Methods

In today’s topsy-turvy world, understanding the need for being sensitive to covid-19 issues and its exposure is why we use hospital-grade sanitizers on ourselves and our equipment before we ever enter a house or commercial property. Our professionally trained carpet cleaning and repair technicians will first inspect your carpet’s condition and give you the best advice on remediating any problems we uncover. Sometimes the damage is so significant that replacement is the only option but that is not always the case. If it can be cleaned or repaired, we can accomplish it at an affordable price. What looks like an overwhelming challenge is usually just a project that needs expert attention. Our cleaning process starts with a spot and stain removal. Our carpet repair service included repairing stretched or wavy carpets brought on by incorrect installation or extreme use. We can also replace damaged sections of a carpet by removal and then placing a duplicated piece where the old damage was. Simple, efficient and effective remedies in repairing your carpets.

C&C Carpet Care's Attention to Detail

We know you have many choices when it comes to choosing a carpet cleaning company in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities. We also understand that what separates us from the rest of the crowd are the extra touches we provide every customer at no extra charge. Carpets are a big investment that need to be protected. That starts with hiring the right commercial carpet cleaning company possessing the training, experience and equipment to handle any size job. It also starts with a company who believes you deserve the best possible service for the least possible cost. That is why we include all the before mentioned carpet care processes at no extra cost. That’s right. We quote a price that included all of the extra services most carpet cleaning companies charge extra for. Not Us. Never. We know if our customers are pleased by having the best service, backed by the best customer satisfaction guarantee, all at an affordable price, then our mission has been accomplished. Give us a call for a free quote to experience what all professional carpet cleaning companies should provide. Call us at 904-372-7374.