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As commercial business owners we understand the importance of presenting and preserving the right image and believe a well-maintained business, retail storefront or office setting is essential in promoting a positive and appealing place to work and conduct business. We also understand the considerable investment that is made in purchasing and installing durable, commercial grade carpets that are made to last and resist wear and tear for years if properly maintained and professionally cleaned on an annual basis. But even though your carpet is probably in good shape, specific areas and continuous traffic will take its toll in the form of mounting dirt and grime especially in high traffic areas.

Professional carpet cleaning care will prolong the life of a carpet and promote a clean, healthy environment where employees, visitors and customers will enjoy conducting business. Removing allergens, bacteria and trapped particles and pollutants will reduce health risks for employees who in turn will experience fewer sick days and have increase productivity. Office environments are also very susceptible to carpet stains caused by food, morning beverages, coffee, soda and even some cleaning solutions. Florida, even though it is called the Sunshine State, gets a great deal of wet and rainy conditions throughout the year. These issues contribute to adding moisture to your carpets which can become smelly over time and quickly build up soiled spots.

Any negative appearance will detract from your company’s mission to promote success and an overall positive impression on all who come in contact with you.  Giving your carpets a refreshed, restored and textured appearance, similar to when they were first installed, is both impressive and easy to accomplish with C&C Carpet Care’s amazing carpet cleaning techniques. From our first application of a chemical boost to remove stains and odors, our unique power scrub to lift out and remove dirt, to our truck mounted steam cleaning extraction, deodorizing agent and scotch guard application, your carpets will look as good as new. And with the quickest drying times in the industry, our disruption. even during normal business hours is reduced to a minimum.

At C&C Carpet Care we specialize in all aspects of commercial carpet cleaning and care for restaurants, offices, retail businesses, apartment turns, lobbies, storefronts entrances, private clubs, meeting rooms, or any commercial building application.

Our comprehensive commercial services also include tile, marble, granite and grout cleaning as well as upholstery and sanitizing services to give your office or place of business that renewed fresh look, smell and feel. From small space business structures to whole office complexes, we can do it all.

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Why Choose C&C Carpet Care?

At C&C Carpet Care we rate our carpet, upholstery, and tile and grout cleaning performance on both our customers' satisfaction and the reviews we receive online. World-class performance starts with honest and fair pricing and expert service delivered and completed on time causing the least amount of stress on you, your employees, and commercial customers. Before work, weekends, or after-hours appointments are available. With years of knowledge and professionally trained experience, our carpet care technicians are the best in the business. We operate in a drug-free environment and take pride in the clean services we provide and the end results we achieve. From business entrances, display rooms, and waiting rooms to office space, cubicles, around the water cooler, and conference rooms we have you covered. Because of the nature of many offices as well as businesses, carpets can become dirty quickly and we offer different commercial packages to keep carpets clean on a continuous basis. We specialize in apartment turns, professional offices, both legal and medical, retail brick and mortar, and office environments.

We offer a higher level of service at very competitive, fixed pricing with no add-on services that many other carpet cleaning companies charge. We are confident that once you use our cleaning services for your business, you will join the long list of satisfied customers we service in the North Florida area. Our attention to detail means you get the very best carpet, upholstery, and tile, marble, granite, and grout cleaning possible. Give us a call at 904-372-7374 for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will be glad to give your place of business a walk-through and determine the exact nature of the services you need.