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One of the most common flooring choices being used in Florida homes, offices and businesses today are tile and stone, applied in many useful and different applications because of its attractiveness and ease of cleaning. Tile or stone flooring installation is a very sound investment in most situations because of its durability and aesthetic value. As long as this type of flooring is not damaged and is properly taken care of by a professional company, it should last for years without needing replacement. But purchasing and installing porcelain or ceramic tile and natural stone can also be an expensive proposition depending on the amount needed, size, grade and type used. Of all the elements in a brick-and-mortar structure, floors take the greatest amount of abuse due to the high volume of traffic we put them through every day. Flooring also is the first component of a building we encounter and to look their best and present the right image, need to be cared for on a continuous basis. Tile and stone over time will look worn and old due to the buildup of dirt and grime that accumulates over the years of use.

At C&C Carpet Care we provide expert tile, stone and grout cleaning services for home, office, retail establishments, schools, apartments and condominiums. As a home owner or business person you know what a sizeable investment putting tile or stone into a dwelling can be and over time, that once sparkling look becomes dingy, dirty and dull causing the tile and stone luster to fade. Even the best quality products require routine maintenance of cleaning and polishing to look as good as the product you originally installed. Additionally, the concrete grouting that is used as a filler between tiles or stone is very porous and virtually has no protection at all from spills, staining and the accumulation of dirt and dust. As this grouting product becomes older and subjected to more exposure to the elements present, it will darken becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

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Cleaning Methods for Tile & Grout

At C&C Carpet Care we only employ the most advanced, environmentally safe cleaning products for tile, stone and grout to make your floors look and feel as if they were brand spanking new. We even apply a clear coat protective sealer to extend the cleanliness of the floors and make future, routine cleaning a breeze. We understand how important it is to have a clean looking floor, presenting a positive image to all who enter your home or establishment.

We use the latest, cutting edge products and services to clean, treat and seal your tile, stone and grout, keeping them looking like new. Our specially designed power chemical boost is applied directly onto the tile, stone and grout, then with a power scrub that helps lift out dirt and a truck mounted steam cleaning extraction tool we clean the tile and stone, with drying times approximately 15-20 minutes. We then incorporate a tile and grout sealant, applied to extend the life of that new, fresh look. This extra layer of protection seals the tile, stone and grout making it resistant to dirt, spillage and easier to clean in the future.

Why Choose C&C Carpet Care?

Our mission is to provide the best possible, most effective complete cleaning solutions, offered at the most affordable prices. We never charge for additional services that should be included in every service we provide. Many, so-called professional cleaning companies use attractive one-offer pricing to entice a client to choose them only to find out later that to receive their complete cleaning services, the client must purchase additional items. We call this a “Bait and Switch” tactic and believe it is not only unethical, but completely unnecessary. Our family-owned business believes our customers want to be treated fairly, honestly, and given the best possible service, one can find in a professional floor cleaning company. We want to be your exclusive floor cleaning service provider for years to come and using bad pricing and bad tactics means bad business. That is why we have become, North Florida’s most innovative tile, stone, and grout cleaning and sealing company.

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